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We were hiding one day, my mother and I. It was my sixth birthday and she was trying to hide me. Because she knew what he wanted to do to me. I remember her hands were shaking, I remember because I kept looking at her hands. Because she was holding mine to her chest. And she was wearing this ring. I’d never seen much jewelry in my life. I didn’t know what it was, exactly. But she saw me staring and she wanted to distract me, she wanted to keep me entertained.
So she told me a story. A story about a boy who was born with very green eyes, and the man who was so captivated by their color that he searched the world for a stone in exactly the same shade. She said the boy was me. That this ring was made from that very same stone, and that the man had given it to her, hoping one day she’d be able to give it to me. It was his gift, she said, for my birthday. And then she took it off, slipped it on my index finger, and said, ‘If you hide your heart, he will never be able to take it from you.’
It’s the only gift, anyone has ever given to me.

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He raised his other hand to cup me face and kissed me softly, gently, and though everything in me rebelled, I let him. I hated him. I feared him. But I still felt the strange tug of his power, and I couldn’t stop the hungry response of my own treacherous heart.

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Are you ready to meet the band? Introducing Our Holograms:

Jem - Aubrey Peeples
Kimber - Stefanie Scott
Aja - Hayley Kiyoko
Shana - Aurora Perrineau

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Anna and the French Kiss Minimalist Posters

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She was tired of being told how it was by this generation, who’d botched things so badly. They’d sold their children a pack of lies: God and country. Love your parents. All is fair. And then they’d sent those boys, her brother, off to fight a great monster of a war that maimed and killed and destroyed whatever was inside them. Still they lied, expecting her to mouth the words and play along. Well, she wouldn’t. She knew now that the world was a long way from fair. She knew the monsters were real.―The Diviners

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Mythology Meme: 1/1 Mythology - Philippine Mythology

In a kingdom surrounded by the sea, there are gods you’ve never heard of but are worshipped in a language you’d never be able to claim is your own. There is a bird that sings to heal and destroy. There is a father who is strong - Malakas - and his wife - Maganda - known only to their children by strength and beauty. In a kingdom surrounded by the sea, a babaylan begins to sing. 

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miss jackson color palette - insp.

Ol’ Jordan Bahat, everyone.

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